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Handling business strategies are some sort of tricky to handle in this era because there are different types of innovations we have to utilize. Every business across the globe really prefer to have some sort of intelligent support to boost across the world respectively. No doubt, modern technology has also shared its contribution in the shape of refined solutions which are commonly utilizing across the world in a better way. Here we have an efficient solution for data storage which is actually the real need of the time. Without this solution, it was really very difficult to control those issues which are related to the data and information handling. With the great invention of a cloud storage solution, it has become very much common these days. This option is really beneficial for the business to make everything on fingertips on cloud storage. This solution is far better than utilizing the external devices which were utilized in the past days for securing the data and information regarding website and business respectively. Furthermore, we will discuss some essential features regarding cloud hosting after describing it completely. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a remote service which can easily get control over the data and information of the website on the cloud without any hassle. It is the only solution which can provide you the remote access towards the data and information which you could store on external devices. In the past days, it was really very common to see that business data and information were secured on external devices which are not a secure solution by any chance. It has a lot more bad factors which can destroy the complete data and information by hitting any type of malware hit. While utilizing the cloud hosting services you can securely manage your most important data and files of cloud which can be accessible through authorized devices from any part of the world. Moreover, there are a lot more cloud hosting service provider are also available to provide their cloud hosting services across the world. These service providers are really beneficial for the real helping hand and they will accurately control over all types of issues which may stop the business to get progress respectively. Here we will let you know about the top 10 cloud solutions provider which will really provide you all types of benefits which you are searching for.

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1. AccuWeb

AccuWeb.Cloud is to offer a complete range of cloud services that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of different businesses. Whether you need a simple website hosting solution or a complex cluster environment, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exactly according to your needs. Accuweb.Cloud is your One-Stop Destination for a Wide Range of Cloud Applications such as WordPress, Magento, PHP, Node.JS, JAVA, Ruby, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Drupal, Joomla, Mysql, MYSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, etc.


15-day Free Trial with $100 Credit

Horizontal & Vertical Scaling

Pay as you Pricing Model

No control panel require

2. IAX Dynamics

It is the top cloud hosting solution provider in Dubai which is efficiently providing cloud hosting services in which any type of business can really enjoy online visibility. As we all agree on the statement that every business around the world really prefer to have internet visibility through which it can rule over the online business. In this way, IAX Dynamics can also provide complete protection which will never allow any type of serious bug or malware to disturb the data and security by any chance.

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2. MilesWeb

MilesWeb makes your cloud hosting experience very flexible as they allow you to upscale and downscale resources as per the requirements. MilesWeb provides you free 24/7/365 days of technical support. Using a managed cloud hosting services doesn’t need technical knowledge about the command line and servers, don’t need special attention to configure or set up the server and don’t even need monitoring manually, as all these tasks are done by MilesWeb’s support team so that you can focus on your primary business. 

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Features of MilesWeb Cloud are :

  • Proactive server management service
  • Automatic vertical/horizontal scaling
  • Wide choice of software stacks and technologies
  • Docker containers support
  • Smart orchestration of resources
  • High website availability
  • Pay for actual usage
  • DevOps automation
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Self-provisioning access
  • Rich marketplace with 1-click deployment of popular apps, add-ons and Docker containers

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is the best and recommended cloud hosting solution provider. It is one of the largest web host group with 2 million domains which could easily provide desired web hosting solution according to the business nature. With an impressive 24×7 customer support services it has really built a strong relationship among different clients across the world. It would be a great thing to utilize Bluehost cloud hosting services for the best business control. 

5. HostGator

It is also the best source to utilize for the massive cloud storage services in which a business can easily get manage its data and important files on the cloud. They also offer an upgrade option in which a large amount of data can be placed efficiently without any hesitation. 

6. Hostwinds

They provide extremely scalable cloud data storage facility in which it can easily manage all types of client’s data and information from destruction. You can frequently utilize their services for the new domain or you are willing to transfer the old one. In both conditions, you will definitely get their assistance. 

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7. A2 Hosting

It is the high power swift server platform which will provide free SSD to the clients. They will assure you about the quick connectivity with the cloud as well as they will also provide you the facility to upgrade the cPanel services according to your demand and need. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee in which client’s get the satisfaction regarding their service check. 

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8. In motion Hosting

Enjoy the domain name free for one year and you will definitely get free cPanel upgradation along with SSDs respectively. They will also provide free OS security patches and updates for the VPS Hosting.

9. LiquidWeb 

Enjoy 50% off for the first month hosting services in which a business will get the improved cloud-level flexibility by all means. With all these things they will provide 24×7 customer support solution in which they will sort out any type of problem without wasting much time.

10. InternetServer

With an amazing cloud hosting services they also offer 24×7 customer support facility in which they will sort out the problem to provide you relax in completing the assigned task. Increase in the storage capacity of the cloud data storage is also available according to the customers demand and need.

11. GoDaddy

Almost everyone knows about the service provider which is also very much famous online these days. They also deal with quality services in which cloud hosting facility is also provided to the valued customers across the world. With the great assistance of security features, it will definitely deal with all types of essential things which you actually need to have. 

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12. Hostings House

This service provider is also very much advance in providing the best and quality cloud hosting services in which you have a complete choice to deal with the desired cloud space respectively. Moreover, with the best 24×7 customer support services it will be the best thing to get their services. They will completely watch out the back end issues of the website and cloud services. Strong security features also added in their services.