Top 10 Web Design Agencies to Choose for Your Next Project

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Okay, so you are thinking to create or revamp your business website. You have decided what design elements and color contrast you need for your website and created a design brief.


What’s next?

Now is the time to choose the right web design agency that fulfills your creative and budget requirements and help you come up with a stellar and aesthetically pleasing website for your brand. It’s no wonder that websites are a crucial component for your marketing strategy, helping brands to attract customers, increase traffic, and build a positive reputation.

But how do you choose the right agency for your web design project? It is quite confusing for businesses to choose the web design firm when there are hundreds of thousands of companies available to choose from, and all are providing same services. Here is a list of top 10 web design agencies that are providing high-quality services and will surely meet your design needs.

1. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is a leading web-design company specializing in designing eCommerce stores and marketplaces for solopreneurs and businesses of all sizes. With more than a decade of experience, FATBit has assisted business owners in western markets overcome major digital transformation challenges. To assist these business owners, FATbit offers a wide range of readymade software solutions with extensive features and functionality to digitize buying, renting, eLearning, car-sharing and hyperlocal business operations. Not only FATbit solutions are versatile to cater to various eCommerce development requirements, but can be also customized as per a business’ requirements. 

Along with web and eCommerce development, FATbit provides mobile app development, UX development, MVP development, enterprise solutions development, business strategy consultation and digital marketing services. 

2. Branex

Branex is a UK-based creative web design Company that is helping businesses of any size and types to create websites that help them achieve their goals. They follow a customer-centric approach and cutting-edge technologies to create a stellar digital presence that takes your business to a whole new level. From startups to established brands, a highly experienced team of designers is dedicated to creating results-driven websites for their clients to create the seamless, engaging, and memorable user experience.

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Branex keeps clients’ requirements and every single technical detail in mind to make sure your site looks unique and portray your brand personality. Besides providing web design and development services, the company also offers SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing, corporate branding and mobile app development services to their valued clients.

3. Kiwi Website Design

Kiwi Website Design is a leading digital creative agency specialising in website design & development, search engine optimisation, digital marketing, software and mobile application development. Their reputation for consistent excellence and results-driven delivery has been the driving force behind their growth over the last 10+ years.

As a full-service digital agency, they follow an integrated approach to deliver tailored solutions to their clients and ensure they are one step ahead in this ever-changing digital age. The team at KWD is passionate about designing one-of-a-kind solutions and leveraging the latest technologies to help streamline and ease the process of digital transformation for you.

From highly experienced web designers, programmers and developers to business strategists and marketers, all KWD’s talented in-house minds share the same vision – finding unique, creative solutions catering to top-quality services to take your business to the next level. This team embraces new ideas and diversity and thrives on taking on challenges to deliver results with a real impact on your business.

Once you begin to work with KWD, you’ll soon start to see them as valuable, long-term partners to your business.

Their team of designers and developers understand that you want a product that’s aesthetically appealing, enhances productivity and works precisely the way your business needs it.

As a certified Google Partner, KWD doesn’t just generate traffic for your website. Their digital strategists focus on achieving conversions – phone calls, emails, submissions, online orders and much more.

Plus, with a dedicated project manager looking after you, you can be confident that there’ll be someone there to guide you every step of the way.

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4. WebFX 

WebFX is a renowned internet marketing company, located in Harrisburg, PA, helping its clients to increase their sales and generate more website traffic. With more than 100 professionals, the company is successfully providing web design, social media management, PPC campaign management, and copywriting services. The brand creates websites that serve as personal marketing tools, helping clients to convert visitors into customers and achieve their ROI. Each website is tailored to meet clients’ requirements and improve brand’s value, resulting in driving more website traffic, converting visitors, and bringing more profits.  

5. Big Drop  

Big Drop is a web design and development agency that creates functional and visually appealing websites for businesses of all sizes. The team of 80+ professionals specializes in digital marketing, branding, marketing, helping brands to stand out from the crowd. The company believes in creating state-of-the-art websites that provide users with awesome digital brand experience. The team of designers and developers carefully research the client’s industry to make sure the website truly represents their business value while pushing them to a whole new level.

6. HMG Creative 

HMG Creative is an award-winning Austin based digital agency that offers web design and development, SEO, print, email, social media, and content marketing services. HMG Creative provides workable digital strategies and design solutions to small businesses. The team of professional designers and developers work closely with clients to develop user-friendly and out-of-the-box websites that set your brand apart from competitors.

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7. Lounge Lizard 

Lounge Lizard is a web design agency that offers innovative, unique, and functional website designs coded with cutting-edge technologies to create a positive first impression. The New York-based digital marketing agency strives hard to provide its clients with results-oriented and effective design and marketing solutions to get brand exposure, generate leads, and reach your target audience. They create modern, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing websites that help users take the desired action and become your loyal customers. Lounge Lizard also specializes in social media, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and app development.

8. Doejoe

Doejoe is a creative design studio, striving hard to create platforms and experiences for businesses that help them reach unprecedented heights of success. They believe in creating websites that give users an effortless, memorable, and pleasant experience. In addition to web design and development services, Doejo also offers services such as videos and motion graphics, photography, branding, and collateral. Doejo creates outstanding websites that look good and work well while helping you meet your marketing goals.  

9. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a full-service agency, specializing in creating functional, engaging, and highly performing sites for startups and established brands. The company follows a customer-centered approach to create websites with a clear focus on achieving business goals and helping users to take action. The ultimate goal of Blue Fountain Media is to create great experiences that tell your brand story and unlock your sales potential. The brand also offers digital marketing, social media, SEO, logo design, app development, and branding services for its clients.

10. Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital is a UK-based web design firm that believes in creating websites that are good for you. The company closely works with its clients to create WordPress websites that create a pleasant user experience that eventually converts visitors into loyal customers. Wholegrain Digital specializes in WordPress theme and plugin development, maintenance and support, hosting consultancy, and performance optimization. Wholegrain Digital is a good choice to consider if you are looking for a design focused and functional WordPress website to increase your online presence and achieve your ROI.