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An ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software has become an inevitable thing in the modern business scenario. It helps manufacturer and traders from small to mid-sized business in obtaining insight into business activity and transactions more clearly. This software is remarkably crucial and a precious asset that helps in maintaining diverse business activities such as inventory management, accounting, order management, customer relationship management, human resources, and more.

If you are living in Dubai and looking for an esteemed ERP software for your business to efficiently manage your all business activities,  here we provide you a list of top 10 ERP software companies in Dubai, UAE –

  1. SAP ERP – It is a foremost enterprise resource software solution that provides innovative modules – crucial for any business. This is a cloud-based ERP system that works prominently on all computer or hybrid according to the requirement and provides highly accurate results without much hassle. This system is an excellent choice for all businesses – irrespective of its size.  
  2. Marg ERP9 Plus It is one of the finest ERP software in Dubai that includes all advanced features – helpful for efficient resource management of a business. This is available in customizable modules – that allows you to the system in accordance with the business. Its comprise the innovative modules for retail business, manufacturers, distributors, and more. This system includes a user-friendly Android app that makes you able to easily access your resources. The main features of Marg ERP9+ are Order management, integration with the eCommerce platforms, barcode scanning, touch POS, sales force automation and much more.
  3. Sage 100 ERPThis is a well-engineered ERP software solution – crafted for small and mid-sized businesses in order to fulfill all need of a mid-sized business with less budget. This system allows the users from customer end to create financial statements and provides so many predefined templates from which they can choose the best one. This is renown for its cost-effective features that cover all the crucial aspects of an ERP system such as accounting, manufacture, customer relationship management, distribution resources, business intelligence, project management, time management and much more.
  4. Axolon ERP It is one of the most recommended ERP software solutions in Dubai – renown for its powerful VAT enable accounting features helping you to run your accounting department smoothly and serve the business with real-time data. Its a perfect and affordable software system that streamline all your business processes in order to get an unbelievable outcome to achieve the desired goal. This system fits all types of Business and Enterprises across all industries in Dubai and takes into account the current issues, future expectations and business goals in ERP.
  5. NetSuite ERP – This innovative cloud ERP offers unique and precise manufacturing solutions that best-fits all type of industries. This ERP system is Winner of the “2017 North American Cloud-ERP for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Customer Value Leadership Award”, Oracle’s NetSuite. This offers comprehensive solutions that adherence to tax regulations and other compliances. It has great emphasis on reporting, data analytics, and business intelligence.
  6. Coral Business SolutionsThis ERP system is an innovative system that comprised of different modules in it that are helpful in the better management of all the business activities. This is a premium ERP solution that includes trading, finance, manufacturing, job costing, pharmacy, contracting, real estate, and much more. Also, this system is VAT enabled that makes it a highly reliable solution for the medium-sized businesses due to its affordable price.
  7. Pact ERPIt’s a highly customizable software solution – ideal for the small and medium-sized businesses. This is a centralized platform that includes all the required information – real-time data, previous record and much more in it. Its innovative upgrading feature helps the business when it is increased, the software can also be modified according to the requirements. This system can be accessed as per the requirements by the entire staff of a company.
  8. Enterprise IQ This ERP software solution is regarded as the single ERP solution that provides a complete package of ERP modules pertaining to the manufacturing industry. Its single database is extremely reliable to eliminate the need to invest in third-party integrations. This ERP system is great to take care of all ERP, manufacturing, MES, and supply chain requirements. Also, this system is very user-friendly and comprises an intuitive interface that has a robust framework for managing manufacturing operations.  Its all features are very much cost-effective that makes this software ideal for mid-sized businesses.
  9. Plex Manufacturing – This Plex manufacturing is an excellent SaaS platform that makes a business able to have much-required control over the end-to-end manufacturing process, right from floor control to analyzing visual representations. This system is ideally engineered to gather data at the granular level and allows structuring it in a way to create a complete, uniform view of the workflow. As a cloud model, it ensures beefed-up security and regular updates and seamlessly connects people, systems, and machines.
  10. Ezware TechnologiesThis ERP software solution company based in UAE, provided one of the finest business ERP systems that fit all business needs. This company provides a well-engineered solution that includes cutting-edge modules – efficient to make all business processes easy and simple. The interface of this software is simple and can be used for the implementation of payroll and HR apps, sales, finance, CRM, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, manufacturing, and more.
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This above-mentioned list helps you get in with an ERP software solution that best fits your business requirement. But before making a good investment in the ERP system, we are providing you with some tips to assist you make a better decision for the better management of your business.

Tips to choose ERP software for your business –  

  1. Be clear with your business goals
  2. Involve all relevant stakeholders
  3. Define your business requirements and workflows
  4. Agree with realistic implementation expectations
  5. Look for a system which installs best practice throughout your business.

Involve these tips before choosing any of the above-mentioned companies.