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YouTube has grown significantly since it launched its Partner’s Program in 2007, and the competition has become extremely fierce. Getting ahead without any help is certainly difficult. Luckily, you can easily give your YouTube profile a boost by purchasing subscribers. 

However, not all subscriber-markets provide the same quality of service. Most use bots, and they might unsubscribe very quickly after delivering your order. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about buying YouTube subscribers and the best websites to do that.

Benefits of Purchasing Subscribers

Most people think that likes are the most effective method to direct more organic traffic towards your YouTube content. This is not entirely true, because the number of subscribers you have also has a great impact on how you grow on the platform. 

Here are just a few benefits you can expect once you get a high number of subscribers on your YouTube channel:

  • More exposure for your brand or product
  • Fast track your route to becoming an influencer
  • Easier to negotiate deals with sponsors
  • Increased organic traffic through the algorithm

Why It Matters That Subscribers Are Permanent

As mentioned earlier, many websites allow you to buy subscribers that are removed from your channel after a predefined period of time. Those subscribers are not permanent, and there is more than one reason you want to consider paying a premium for subscribers that will stay.

Firstly, it’s more cost effective to pay only once per subscriber. More importantly, channels with longstanding subscribers are favored by YouTube’s algorithm. If those subscribers actually watch your content, that’s even better according to YouTube’s algorithm. So, if you want to drive traffic and jumpstart your growth, you’ll need to use one of the websites we’ll review below.

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Which Websites You Should Use To Buy YouTube Subscribers

1. Jaynike

By far, the best place to find permanent subscribers for your YouTube channel is Jaynike. This website works especially well for musicians and podcasters, because their focus is on multiple social media platforms that artists typically use. 

Prices start low, with 100 subscribers coming down to less than $10. Here’s what you’ll get if you use their service:

  • International audience: To diversify your subscribers list, Jaynike gets users all over the world to subscribe. This ensures that you can reach a wider audience. 
  • Fast delivery of gradually increasing subscribers: Orders are processed rapidly once payment is fulfilled, and exponentially increase in such a way to mimic reality. Because they don’t unsubscribe, your channel grows exponentially. 
  • Exceptional customer support: Their team is available 24/7 to assist and answer any inquiries.

2. YouTubeStorm

Another affordable website with tiered prices starting at $9.95 for 100 subscribers, YouTubeStorm is one of the most secure websites in this industry. They guarantee confidentiality, and the results speak for themselves. Here is a rundown of what to expect:

  • Permanent active users: You’ll get subscribers that are active on YouTube, so they don’t get mistaken for bots and the algorithm will take that into consideration. Additionally, you’ll keep the subscribers for as long as your channel is running.
  • Guaranteed growth: YouTubeStorm guarantees that you’ll get an exponential growth of subscribers and organic traffic directed to your channel.
  • Discretion and confidentiality: The website is highly secure and doesn’t ask for sensitive information such as your password. All records are confidential and no one needs to find out that you’ve purchased a portion of your subscribers.
  • Flexible prices: Regardless of your budget, YouTubeStorm has a price plan that will work for you. They also accept payment in multiple forms, streamlining the process.
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3. SubscriberZ

If you’re looking for a platform to boost your YouTube channel and multiple other social media profiles, SubscriberZ is the ultimate destination. You’ll get real subscribers very quickly, and their customer support team is exceptional. Here’s what to expect if you decide to buy a YouTube subscribers plan from them:

  • Real subscribers: All the subscribes you get through SubscriberZ are from actual users that are actively using YouTube to browse other content.
  • Low drop rate: To keep things more realistic, you will lose a very small percentage of the subscribers you purchase over time. However, the drop rate is extremely low, so you can say that these subscribers are semi-permanent.
  • Hassle-free experience: It only takes a few clicks to go through the purchase process on their website, and the interface is very user friendly.

4. SocialWick

This is another website suitable for those who want to diversify their social media presence. SocialWick offers automatic refills on your subscribers on YouTube at an affordable rate that’s suitable for any budget. This is what you’ll get if you put in an order:

  • Affordable and flexible rates: Starting at just 66 cents for 10 subscribers, you can order however many subscribers your budget allows for. SubscriberZ begins processing your order rapidly and they’ll start showing up on your page within the first 24 hours. 
  • Automatic refills on permanent subscribers: All the subscribers you order are permanent, and you can opt to get refills automatically every 60 days to ensure exponential growth. 
  • Round the clock  support: Their sales and customer support teams are available to answer any questions and assist clients 24/7. Remarkable customer service is one of the main reasons SocialWick is considered a market leader. 
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5. Viralyft

Here you have the choice of two categories of subscribers, priced according to quality. Regardless of which category you opt for, the subscribers are semi-permanent. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discounts for bulk orders: Bigger orders get a higher discount, so you can scale up your social media strategy at a relatively lower price.
  • Flexible payment methods: They accept payment in a variety of ways, even in cryptocurrency.

6. Realsubscribers

Last but not least, this is a website that has developed a reputation for providing subscribers that stay on your YouTube channel for a relatively long time. Their prices may be slightly higher than others on this list, but their rapid service is guaranteed. Here are some other things their website provides:

  • Secure server: You can rest assured that your transactions are processed on a secure server. This is a company that understands the need for discretion and honors it.
  • Quick growth: Their website combines the use of real social media accounts and bots to ensure rapid growth on your YouTube channel. 

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to spend money on subscribers or other social media metrics if you’re not sure they’ll stay. That’s why using websites such as SubscriberZ, SocialWick, YouTubeStorm or Jaynike is a quick solution. By using these websites, you’re guaranteed results that have a permanent impact on your channel. 

Go ahead and visit the websites and take a look by yourself. You’re only a few clicks away from a boosted YouTube channel. 

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