The Art Of Promoting Your YouTube Channel: Proven Tactics For Attracting Subscribers


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Enticing people to watch your video is somewhere achievable. But what about converting them into your subscribers? It is challenging once you know the proven tactics to promote YouTube videos. This blog will walk you through all the strategies to grow Your YT channel. 

Five Proven Tactics For Attracting Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel

Many YouTubers organize contests and giveaway sessions to get views and subscribers. That does help creators entice the visitors to tap the black thumb. But here are five proven tactics for attracting subscribers to your channel.

Publish Long Videos With The Right Keyword

Publishing long videos with the right keywords is one of the best-proven tactics for attracting subscribers to your channel. It helps your channel appear on the result page whenever a query related to the video is searched.

Focus Video Quality

Upload high-quality videos on your channel to retain the viewers to your channel and reduce the bounce rate. This will also drive new visitors to your channel and convert them into your subscribers.

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Respond To Your Comments

Viewers love it when their favorite YouTuber interact with them, or any YouTuber, just in case. Responding to your subscriber will retain them, and replying to new visitors will convert them into your subscriber.

Add The End Screen

Many YouTubers use the end-screen feature for CTA at the end of the video. Use the feature to show your good work to the new visitor and your subscribers.

Buy YouTube Views

To promote your YouTube videos, you can also hire the YouTube promotion services like VeeFly to get free views and promote your channel. This service will use Google ads to promote your videos and increase the visibility of your channel to your target audience.


These different strategies mentioned above assist in increasing views and subscribers on your channel. Additionally, asking your viewers to promote your video is also the best tactic to grow your subscribers.