Cracking The YouTube Code: A Winning Formula to Get More Views and Subscribers


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Whether you’re a YouTuber or Business Owner struggling to get views, you’re not alone. Despite having excellent content, quality videos, and regular uploads, many content creators face difficulties gaining subscribers. The competition on YouTube is intense, with an average of 2,500 new videos uploaded on YouTube every minute, amounting to 183 hours of content, with an average video length equal to 4.4 minutes. 

Many YouTubers think that Video Advertising or buying real YouTube subscribers is the only way to grow their channel, but that’s far from the truth. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss why YouTubers are not gaining subscribers and explore ways to get real YouTube subscribers. 

Reasons Why YouTubers Aren’t Gaining Subscribers

Low-Quality Content: 

YouTube is all about content. Your content is the primary reason for gaining or losing subscribers. Poor-quality videos with bad lighting, bad audio, and no editing are why viewers don’t return to your channel. 

One way to guarantee the quality of your content is by creating a content plan. Start by researching the popular videos in your niche, analyzing your competitors, and finding ways to improve your content.

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No Clear Niche: 

Finding a clear niche is crucial to Grow your YouTube channel. You can’t attract a loyal audience if your videos have no specific topic or theme. 

On the other hand, a clearly defined niche will help you connect with your viewers, increasing the possibility of gaining more subscribers. In other words, it enables you to stay within the interest of your existing and potential audience.


If you’re not uploading consistently, your viewers will lose interest. It’s crucial to create a schedule for your uploads and stick to it. That way, your audience knows when to expect new content, and they’ll start looking forward to it. 

Consistency also signals to YouTube’s algorithm that you’re an active content creator. To keep your audience engaged even when you’re not uploading, connect with them through comments, Q&A on social media, etc.

Lack of Promotion: 

Your content needs promotion, both on and off YouTube. On YouTube, you can use tags, descriptions, and eye-catching thumbnails that will grab the viewer’s attention. Off YouTube, promote your content through social media, email newsletters, and guest posts.

Always aim to collaborate with already established channels relevant to your theme. For instance, you can collaborate with famous chefs if your niche is cooking.

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Not Engaging with Viewers: 

Engaging with your viewers creates a rapport and fosters relationships. Make it your priority to answer comments and questions on your videos by using the reply feature. Conduct live sessions with the audience and give shoutouts to active viewers on your channel.

The “pin comment” function is an excellent tool to highlight insightful or funny comments that can foster positive engagement with viewers.


YouTube is a fantastic platform for content creators, but it takes more than good camera equipment and editing software to get more views and subscribers. It’s essential to have quality content, a defined niche, consistency, promotions, and creative engagement. 

By implementing these steps, your channel will have a robust foundation for growth. Getting real YouTube subscribers is possible but takes patience, time, and effort. Remember that video advertising is always better than buying real YouTube subscribers. Plus, it helps you avoid the risk of lowering engagement rates, credibility, and quality of audience members. 

So, focus more on continuously and strategically providing valuable content to grow your audience and subscriber base by themselves.