Exploring the Etisalat UAE SIM Card for Starter – Plans, Prices and More

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Discover the importance of having an internet package in your life in the UAE! Explore how it keeps you connected with friends and family, helps in studies and work, and provides entertainment. Learn why having an internet package is like having a key to a world full of information, fun, and opportunities right at your fingertips!

Are you a newcomer to the UAE looking for the best mobile phone network with budget-friendly internet packages? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the top telecom providers in the UAE, along with their starting prices for new users.

Etisalat Data Packages – Connecting You to Excellence

There are many Etisalat internet packages that you can subscribe to through the Etisalat UAE app. You can get any plan on new and exciting SIM. Etisalat SIM card is available at a very cheap price of AED 10 to AED 900.

Everyday Data Packs:

  • 75MB for AED 1.5, valid for 1 day
  • 150MB for AED 2.5, valid for 1 day
  • 300MB for AED 4, valid for 1 day
  • 500MB for AED 6, valid for 1 day
  • 1GB for AED 10, valid for 1 day
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Nonstop Mobile Data:

  • 1GB for AED 20, valid for 7 days
  • 10GB for AED 50, valid for 28 days

Monthly Data Add-ons:

  • 1GB for AED 5, valid for 30 days
  • 2GB for AED 10, valid for 30 days
  • 4GB for AED 15, valid for 30 days

Combo Packs:

  • 200 minutes + 200MB for AED 20, valid for 7 days
  • 400 minutes + 400MB for AED 40, valid for 7 days

Wasel Gifts:

  • Recharge AED 30 and get AED 5 credit + 50MB of data

Super Hour Data Access:

  • Unlimited data for AED 3, valid for 1 hour

The Etisalat starter package in the United Arab Emirates serves as a comprehensive starting kit for your mobile device. The package includes a dedicated SIM card that facilitates connection to the Etisalat network.

Additionally, this package typically offers a data allowance, enabling you to browse the internet, engage in social media activities, and conduct various online tasks. Moreover, it may provide a certain amount of talk time, allowing you to make calls to individuals locally or internationally.

At times, the package also incorporates messaging features, allowing you to easily text your friends. Additionally, new customers often enjoy special promotions, such as discounts or additional perks. The package includes instructions on initiation, and it’s crucial to be aware of its validity period. You may need to to activate the package.

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To extend its usage, you may need to top up your credit or opt for a regular plan in the future. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is advisable to visit Etisalat’s official website or contact Etisalat customer service.

If you’re in the UAE and need a reliable SIM card with a great data package, the process is straightforward with Etisalat. Start by finding the nearest Etisalat store in your area. The staff at these stores are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and pleasant experience for you.

Before making your way to the store, remember to bring your Emirates ID or passport. This identification is essential for the proper registration of your SIM card, ensuring compliance with local regulations. 

Dive into the store and check out the awesome data packages Etisalat has in store for you! Whether you’re all about chatting, surfing the net, or indulging in some serious video binge-watching, there’s a package tailor-made for you. The team on deck is super knowledgeable and ready to help you snag the one that fits your needs like a charm.

Upon selecting your package, the next step is to activate your SIM card. Store personnel will assist you in this straightforward process, ensuring the swift and secure establishment of your new connection.

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Following replenishing your account balance, insert the new SIM card into your phone, and you’re all set! Your phone is now connected to Etisalat’s UAE network, enabling seamless communication and internet usage in the UAE.

Fantastic news! You’ve successfully acquired your Etisalat SIM card and selected the ideal data package to suit your needs. Should you have any queries or need assistance, the Etisalat team is readily available to help. Stay seamlessly connected and enjoy every moment of your experience in the UAE!

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