Gabb Watch 3 Review- Gabb Launches Newest Wearable Phone

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gabb Watch 3 is the latest wearable phone designed for children, released by Gabb. It serves as a secure cell phone, reliable GPS device, and interactive watch.

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Earlier this year, Gabb introduced the Gabb Watch 3, its newest smartwatch designed for children. This versatile device serves as a secure cell phone, a dependable GPS tracker, and an interactive watch all in one. It also boasts superior durability with features such as IP68 water resistance and a robust Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Additionally, the Gabb Watch 3 is specifically for youngsters who are beginning to learn responsible use of technology, according to the company.

The Gabb Watch 3 facilitates convenient connectivity through wireless charging, Bluetooth pairing with a companion parent app (available for download on Apple or Android devices), and a selection of comfortable watch bands. These features simplify the daily use of the watch, enabling seamless communication between kids and parents.

Gabb Watch 3’s Features

Dependable GPS Tracking: Parents can enjoy peace of mind as they effortlessly monitor their child’s location. Note that they can establish personalized Safe Zones, receiving notifications when the child enters or leaves designated areas.

Unlimited Text & Talk: Families benefit from a secure connection with enhanced coverage provided by the nation’s most reliable network.

User-Friendly Texting: The Gabb Watch 3 features a complete text keyboard for personalized messages. It also has speech-to-text functionality, 20 customizable text message presets, voice messaging, and emojis.

Contact List Managed by Parent: With the capacity for up to 100 parent-managed contacts, the device ensures restricted communication to prevent external calls or texts. Additionally, it includes an SOS/emergency button for swift and easy connection to a primary or guardian contact.

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Focus & Silent Modes: Parents have control over modes designed to eliminate distractions during crucial times, such as school or bedtime. These modes ensure that the child and designated guardian contacts can still communicate at all times.

The Cool Factor: The Gabb Watch 3 boasts a world-class hardware design comparable to leading adult smartwatches. With six themes, 12 wallpapers, and multiple ringtones, kids have a stylish yet secure watch they’re eager to showcase.

Productivity Apps: The device includes ten custom, safe apps that engage kids in enjoyable activities while promoting healthy development. These apps cover fitness tracking, memory recall enhancement, custom task lists, and more. Importantly, the Gabb Watch 3 excludes social media, internet browsing, and addictive applications.

Gabb Strives for A Positive Future for Young Individuals & Technology- Gabb Watch Review

Gabb expands its lineup with the introduction of the Gabb Watch 3. It contributes to a comprehensive collection of devices and software. This collection is founded on the principle that children and teenagers require a distinct approach to technology compared to adults. Note that Gabb strives for a positive future for young individuals and technology. It emphasizes safe and healthy tech interactions through the provision of appropriate technology at the right developmental stages. Note that this vision is encapsulated by the company as “Tech in Steps.”

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The Gabb Watch 3 is currently available for orders. They offer two color choices: silver and a gray variant closely resembling black. It is priced at $149.99, accompanied by plans starting at $12.99 per month. Gabb thinks that exposing young minds to excessive technology in their early years may have lasting negative effects on their development and mental well-being.

Through the provision of adaptable technology, Gabb aims to support young individuals in their personal journeys. It will also allow them to focus on personal growth without the potential risks associated with social media and other potentially harmful applications.

Gabb is Recognized for Providing Kid-Safe Technology

Established in 2018 and headquartered in Lehi, Utah, the company has experienced swift growth. Note that it has evolved into a prominent software and cellular network provider specializing in safe phones, watches, and software designed for children and teenagers. Gabb’s technology has garnered widespread adoption, serving hundreds of thousands of kids and parents. Notably, it has received recognition from the New York Times’ Wirecutters as the leading kid-safe smartphone for 2023.

Conclusion: Gabb Watch Review

The launch of Gabb’s latest wearable phone, the Gabb Watch 3, marks a significant stride in providing a secure and enriching technological experience for children. With its robust features, including reliable GPS tracking, unlimited talk and text, and innovative modes for focused use, Gabb emphasizes a commitment to fostering a positive relationship between kids and technology. The incorporation of safety measures, such as parent-managed contact lists and restricted app functionalities, reflects Gabb’s dedication to the well-being and healthy development of young minds.

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Moreover, the introduction of the Gabb Watch 3 aligns with the company’s overarching vision of “Tech in Steps,” promoting a balanced and gradual integration of technology into the lives of children. The thoughtful design, coupled with the recognition and endorsements received, further solidifies Gabb’s position as a trailblazer in providing age-appropriate and secure technology solutions.

As parents and guardians seek ways to introduce technology responsibly to their children, the Gabb Watch 3 emerges as a commendable option, offering not just a device but a holistic approach towards mindful and beneficial tech engagement for the younger generation.


1. What is Gabb Watch 3?

Gabb Watch 3 is the latest wearable phone designed for children, released by Gabb. It serves as a secure cell phone, reliable GPS device, and interactive watch, offering a range of features tailored for young users.

2. What makes Gabb Watch 3 different from other smartwatches for kids?

Gabb Watch 3 stands out with its focus on providing a safe and age-appropriate technological experience. It includes features like reliable GPS tracking, unlimited talk and text, and modes for focused use, distinguishing it from conventional smartwatches.

3. What safety features does the Gabb Watch 3 offer?

Gabb Watch 3 includes safety features such as parent-managed contact lists, customizable Safe Zones with notifications, and modes like Focus & Silent Modes to minimize distractions during specific times.

4. Can parents track their child’s location with Gabb Watch 3?

Yes, Gabb Watch 3 offers reliable GPS tracking, allowing parents to monitor their child’s location in real-time. It also enables the setting of Safe Zones for additional safety.